Epic-Gaming Breach Rules [English]

  • This section lists the general rules for the Breach game mode on the Epic-Gaming servers.

    General rules

    • No cheating / hacking / other type of game manipulation
    • Respectful interaction with each other
    • No bug-using (this includes exploiting errors on the map such as out-of-map glitches)
    • No voicespam
    • No chat spam (this also includes third-party advertising and links without clear allocation)
    • No votespam
    • No sexually offensive or illegal profile pictures & sprays
    • No advertising
    • No random killing
    • No ghosting (e.g. via Ts³ or Skype or similar programs)
    • The instructions of the server team must be followed
    • Misleading and/or inappropriate names like "SCP-173", "Class-D 412" and "Adolf Hitler" are to be omitted
    • Illegible names or (generally) unpronounceable names such as "jddgckjfdx", "голова рыбы" or "スープ魚の頭" are also prohibited

    Last Change: 08.02.2017

    The Epic-Gaming Server team reserves the right to change the rules at any time.

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